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I Know why you’re here. For the Best gun safe in the market, right?

Finding the best gun safe is not a rocket science after all but  Before we get started let us say something as greetings.

You’ve your gun for your safety but look what, if it goes to a wrong hand like your children or a burglar who rushed into your house.

gun safe

Do you know? Between 1999-2010, over 8300 people have died from unintentional shootings in the United States? And every year more than 16,000 individuals are treated for those unintentional gunshots. A study says almost 10% of those deaths have resulted from shots fired by children under six!

This is a real big article where we’d tried to dig into every ins and outs of the gun safe. Read it all if you want or if you’re in a hurry, Heres The basic categories for you.

Well, now what a gun safe really is?
According to Wikipedia, “A gun safe is a secure and protective storage container for one or more firearms or ammunition for those guns”.
Though it’s called gun safe but as it is a safe or a locked vault, it is used for others properties too. It prevents the access of unauthorized or unqualified persons to the content and it also protects the contents from damage during flood, fire, or other natural disasters.

So, a gun safe will keep your gun in a safe locked place and will definitely keep you tension free.
There’s a ton of gun safe for you to buy. It’s confusing and a bit tricky to buy a gun safe. You may easily have one which is very well painted, decorated and great weight of its metal body. But researchers say kids can open gun safes with straws and paper clips. Or you can watch this How Easy it is breaking into Safe in just two minutes”.

So, now you see?

you can easily buy a metal box in the name of a gun safe. Though may keep you tension free for some time but which clearly can’t ensure the safety at all. Yeah, our research says almost every gun safe sold in the market will do 60 to 75 percent of its duty for what it is made for.

If you want to increase the percentage you can follow some consideration right under the top list. Or you can trust our expert’s Top list according to your category.

Now, Before we go to the gun safe buying guide that’s on the bottom of the article, Let’s Get Started with Best Of Best Gun Safeaccording to its own category

Best Gun Safe:

Different types of guns and different types of safety issues. Obviously, the ever best handgun safe won’t be able to protect a rifle.

Ok, I don’t want to waste your time. Let’s Get Started with the best handgun safe

best gun safe

Best Hand Gun Or Best Pistol Safe 

Welcome to the section.

Are you that person looking for a secure home for your guns? Do you have to keep your guns Or are you looking for the best handgun safe from the huge number of safe products?

Okay, then most probably you are in the right place.  Actually, in the modern world, keeping guns with has become a craze. And particularly among the Americans, gun ownership is becoming more and more popular day by day. Report shows that there are 90 guns for per 100 people in the USA.
Handgun is the most used weapon all over the world as well as in the USA.  A study says there are around 80,000,000 gun owning citizens In the United States and more than 70% are the handgun.
So, it’s not so tough for you to imagine the craziness of US people for guns. Besides, a number of gun-related accidents are also very alarming. Thousands of people including kids die every year due to gun accidents across the country.

The size is the most useful side of a handgun. But the accidents are mostly caused by this. Suppose Your son who is under 12 may be get confused to shoot from an assault rifle or some other highly dangerous guns, but the mechanism of the handgun is so simple that you know anything can happen.

In the USA, people generally use to choose lightweight guns or handguns as their regular safety machine. You can keep your handgun either with you or at home. But you also have to think about the safety of other people as well as your gun too. Do you want to see your kid or other people shot accidentally by your gun? Or will you feel better if your gun is in the hand of a criminal?

A gun safe with the best safety measures can save you and other people from these mishaps.
There remains a large number of safes in the market from different manufacturers. As a result, it’s very easy to get puzzled anytime in choosing the best gun safe from the crowd. Each product will try to convince you with their features and constructions. But you have to find out the best one in order to ensure the best safety. That’s why we are here to help you out in finding the best gun safe from the store.

We will share some products here to make your purchase easy. According to Amazon’s best-selling rate, we have selected the top three handgun safe as a recommendation.

So, let’s have a look inside!


This small, fast and quick entry handgun safe reveals itself as one of the top selling safe products on Amazon. This personal sized handgun safe has become very famous for its intelligent features.

This 8.2 pounds weighing safe is made from a durable 18-guage steel with a thick foamed interior. The Gunvault speed vault SV500 comes with both biometric and key combination locking mechanism. Both mechanisms ensure safety and quick accessibility. A drop down style drawer performs the quick access intelligently.

The keypad also includes a unique feature naming “Tamper Mode” to let you know about any unauthorized entry attempt. This 6.5 x 3.5 x 13 inches safe can hold only one handgun inside. The specialty of this product is the design and fast accessibility.

Product Details:
Weight: 8.2 pounds
Dimensions: (6.5 x 3.5 x 13) inches
Lock Type: Biometric & Combination
Capacity: 1 Hand Gun
Specialty: Design and hi-speed


The next product we are going to introduce is the SENTRYSAFE QAP1BE biometric quick access pistol safe. This is another outstanding product from the famous safe brand SENTRYSAFE. This 12-pounds safe keeps your handgun secured through biometric and electric keypad combination locks. You can program the biometric lock by the way you want.

The electric keypad is also very reliable with an override key. And it lets you perform the whole locking processes with a single-handed operation. Another unique feature of QAP1BE is the whisper quiet fast entry.

Actually, this product is renowned for its ease of access. A 12-gauge solid still has been used to construct the shell that is totally pry-free. With a dimension of 6.6 x 9.7 x 2.2, this safe can easily hold one handgun inside it.

Product Details:
Weight: 12 pounds
Dimensions: (6.6 x 9.7 x 2.2) inches
Lock Type: Biometric & Combination
Capacity: 1 Hand Gun
Specialty: Accessibility


And here comes the final one, the BARSKA BIOMETRIC SAFE. It reveals itself as one of the best-selling handgun safe on Amazon just for its affordability and higher safety. This safe is protected by a battery powered biometric locking mechanism.

Amazingly, the biometric scanner can store 30 fingerprints in its memory! The easy-to-use system registers fingerprints within seconds. Actually, this can be a better solution for the safety of your valuables. You will also get 2 emergency keys and a mounting hardware with every purchase of this product.

The BARSKA BIOMETRIC SAFE can store multiple handguns or other valuables comfortably with it’s 16.5 x 7.75 x 14.25 inches dimension.

Isn’t it impressive? This safe weighs 31lbs and made from solid, pry resistant steel. And you can get all these features at an affordable price (view price on Amazon).

Product Details: 
Weight: 31 pounds
Dimensions: (16.5 x 7.75 x 14.25) inches
Lock Type: Biometric
Capacity: Multiple
Specialty: Standard with Affordable price

Finally, always try to keep your guns and ammunitions secured from any unauthorized access. In this sense, A Best handgun safe is such an important companion for every handgun owners that cannot be denied. Choosing the best one means choosing the best safety.

Note that, we have framed these recommendations after analyzing the best-seller rating on Amazon. But there still remains various kinds of handgun safe in the market. Click here For other related product on Amazon.

You can also justify them too before finalizing your choice. We hope that these recommendations will be helpful for you to pick up the best handgun safe. And this will be a great pleasure for us too!


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