Car Gun Safe

You surely can keep your gun with you. But there are some places where you can’t carry your gun or firearm. Or you’re out of your car for buying some snacks or something for your family who are there on the car. And unluckily your gun goes in your kid’s hand who barely sees any difference between a real gun and toy. There can be an accident. while a best car gun safe can keep you tension free. (we have Kids Gun safety and recommendation read if you want.)
Yeah, Hiding can be a choice. Though it can also put you in trouble while needing it. But the best practice is to use a car gun safe which is specially designed for your car. It will give you direct access to your gun and prevent unauthorized and unwanted access. Before we go to the top list of car gun safe, let’s see some important points to choose the best car gun safe.

Some Consideration for buying the best car gun safe-

Very Important:

  • Size: Size is the most important thing that makes the difference between an ordinary gun safe to a best car gun safe. It’s funny to say but you can’t just use 10 feet or large gun safe in your car. So It must be small enough to fit anywhere in your car but not too small that it can’t even cover up your gun inside it. So size matters to consider a gun safe as a gun safe for car.
  • Weight: Sounds funny but just think, you’re driving with extra 500 pounds of weight just to keep your gun safe. So it’s important to choose it with a standard weight. Not too heavy and also not too light and most of the user wants to keep it within (3-30) pounds. Which is considered as standard weight for a gun safe for car.
  • Wire: A cable wire connected with the gun safe is another feature. It’s like the seatbelt for the gun safe in the car. As you can not bolt down your gun safe in your car, I mean most of the cases. So a cable connected to the gun safe is important to be the best car gun safe.

Less Important:

  • Fireproof feature: Is your car fireproof? No, Right? Then why it would must to be fireproof? Yeah, it’s a great feature by the way but not must.
  • Thickness of Steel: This is one of the major confusion while buying a car gun safe. But It’s not that must have very thick. Thickness also brings weight and which is not very practical for a gun safe for cars. You’d rather focus on finishing than thickness.


  • Price: No need to buy a gun safe for which is very costly. But it is said you’ll get what you pay. so a standard price from $50-$200 for a car gun safe is perfect.


A car gun safe is not any toy or any decorative item to show everyone. It’s an essential security item and should keep hidden as far as possible. Remember your password or combination. Though you’ll get an extra key.  But it’s best not to forget the combination. Keep the battery charged and change it every year. keep biometric scanner of your biometric car gun safe clean.
Those aren’t the only choice you have; there are a lot of car gun safe and other normal gun safes to be used as your gun safe for car. Leave your comment bellow if you need anything else.
Life is priceless and please ensure the Safety. you should know why you should invest in a gun safe.


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