Over the decades, using firearms as a personal safeguard has become more popular in the U.S.A. But nowadays, the picture has changed significantly. Ensuring safety to the guns is a major concern for today’s world. Gun safety rules and recommendations actually mean those measures that are important to avoid or lessen accidental discharges caused by firearms.
In simple words, these measures aim to alleviate the risks of unintentional death, injury, and damage due to inaccurate storage and usage of guns.
A census reports that about 47,000 lives were killed worldwide in 2013 by improper use of firearms. This is undoubtedly alarming for the humans.
However, let’s concentrate on our today’s topic about the gun safety rules and recommendations for kids. Obviously, you know what guns are and what they can do if they are in a wrong hand.  It is known that a child’s mind is always curious and remains to discover new things.
But if this curiosity uncovers the guns, this can conduct accidents and deaths anytime. Besides, different TV channels, Journals, Video games, and movies illustrate the firearms. Watching these, kids are getting introduced to guns and their destructive powers. Probably it is now clear to you that what can happen if your child finds your gun.
So, if you decide to keep firearms at home, then you have to take the whole responsibility to keep the machine away from your kids as well as their playmates. You can leave your kid with your pet Hound, but never with the guns. Guns and kids should always remain on opposite poles.
The U.S. Federal statistical report confirms that there are guns in more than one third households of U.S.A. So, there are high chances that your children will be in touch of your guns with ease. Actually, it’s very difficult to understand for the kids what to do if they confront any firearm. They generally treat it as a toy which results in death or other life-threatening accidents.
The National Safety Council, in their 2002 edition of Injury Facts, reports the statistics cited below:
In 1999, 3,385 children and youths aged between 0-19years were killed by a gun. This includes homicides, suicides and unintentional injuries and death [Injury Facts: National Safety Council, 2002]. Of them, 214 were unintentional kills mostly caused by the kids. From the total number of deaths,
  • 73 were kids under 5 years,
  • 416 were 5-14 years and
  • 2896 were 15-19 years old.
According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2514 kids aged 0-14 were non-fatally injured by gunshots in 1997. This includes both intentional and accidental shootings.
On 31st December 2015, The Washington Post published a news containing the headline – “At least 265 people were accidentally shot by kids this year”. The main focus of this news was a four years old kid naming William Anderson. The boy, somehow, found a gun belonging to his father. The gun went off and killed William. The news also stated that about 265 children aged under 18 picked up a gun and unintentionally shot themselves or someone else in 2015.
American children are sixteen times more likely to be killed in unintentional shoot in comparison with same aged children of other higher-income countries.

These incidences draw a cruel picture of the lack of gun safety towards the kids. This rate is getting alarming day by day.
The question is why these mishaps are at this high rate?
Different causes can be mentioned in the reply. So, let’s put some lights on the most probable causes:
According to the Vice News,
Unsafe access to guns is a major cause of death among kids and teens
[vice news, February 12, 2015].
This statement clearly indicates the lack of awareness about gun safety among the parents. Most of the American families own one or more guns. And keeping those inside the home, they think that these firearms are providing them safety.
Well, and of course, safety is a must for human life. But you should keep in mind that there are some family members who have no realization about your safety machines. It can be your own kid, your younger brother, your small nephew or niece or the kid who frequently visits your living place.

So, think about the safety of your whole surrounding. And make sure that your safety machines are not risking others life. In another report, Centers for Disease Control (CDC)says that gun killing has become the second most responsible cause of death among kids and teens in 2013, and is just after the car crash. This is really a horrible news for us!
Suicidal deaths using a gun among the teens and youths are also increasing day by day.

For better understanding, we can to go back to the Injury Facts (2002 edition) from the National Safety Council. This report says that 3,385 kids aged 0-19 were killed due to firearm related accidents. And of them, 1,078 were suicides caused mostly by the teens aged 15-19. According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Suicidal attempts using a firearm are much more critical to treat than attempts like jumping or drug poisoning.

Actually, Somehow most of the American parents think that the teens are well-known about the pros and cons of the guns. So they feel safe to keep the guns at home with teens.
Teenage is considered to be the most sensitive part of human life. A man meets the most touching and egoistic moments in this age. As a result, depression, frustration, bitterness etc can easily overcast his mind. These mental conditions are the base reason of suicidal attempts among teens. Leaving your touchy teen with a firearm can turn into casualty anytime and keep in mind that 90% suicidal attempts with firearms are deadly.
Massive gun ownership may be also responsible for gun-related child discharges.
Statistics shows that 310 million guns are existing in America. That means approximately 90 guns for per 100 people. This huge gun ownership also increasing the number of kids living with guns. Most of the child discharges and injuries are happening because parents are not aware of gun safety.

Finally, it’s time for us to bring some light to this spot. We must have to take rapid steps to stop these innocent loses. The first and foremost recommendation are to raise awareness among parents.
Using gun safes and introducing proper gun safety rules can be helpful.
Besides, you have to train your child- “Guns are not toys”. Talking honestly and frankly may be more effective than ordering them not to touch a gun. Your order may double their curiosity for guns. So try to discuss and not to order.
You can also let your child watch some live shootings of your gun. This will help them experience the large noise and power of destruction of the gun.

The NRA has introduced a gun safety program naming The Eddie Eagle GunSafe®.

According to the video, “the fictional character Eddie and his Wing Team are on a mission to help you teach Pre-K through 4th graders what to do if they ever come across a gun”. They have formulated four basic safety rules for the kids.
They are-
  • STOP!– This means stopping your kid instantly while he or she encounters a firearm. This will help the kids to remember the safety precautions.
  • DON’T TOUCH– Means not to touch a gun. Actually, a gun is not likely to be fired until it is touched.
  • RUN AWAY– Means running away from the place immediately where the kid saw a gun.
  • TELL A GROWN-UP– After running to safe distance from the gun, he or she should inform his or her parents, grown-up neighbors or teachers about the unsafe gun.
The Eddie Eagle’s video has taught more than 29million children about gun safety. This technique can be applied to train your kids about gun safety.
Your child may also come in contact with guns outside the home such as your neighbor’s home. So, discuss with your neighbors also about the gun safety. This may feel an uncomfortable discussion but can help to avoid any life threatening situations.
The gun storages should be more solid and sealed. There are different gun safes from different manufacturers in the market. You can buy any of them according to the safety you need. 
Lastly, gun-related child death is never expected. This is the result of the negligence of the grown-ups. The law enforcing body should form more strict policies for gun safety.
And The final thing is GUN SAFETY RULES AND RECOMMENDATION is just some awareness to people both you and your surroundings.


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